Barcelona, Dexeus women’s health centre

I have just returned from Barcelona, Spain where I was a guest of Dexeus women’s health, a private centre that is exclusively dedicated to women’s health.

There I was delighted to meet Victoria Anna Perea, who was the first IVF person born in Spain in 1984 after her mother had pioneering IVF treatment at the Dexeus centre.

It was great to meet her and we found we had a lot in common and our meeting caused great excitement in the Spanish media with television, radio and newspaper coverage.  I was delighted to be presented with a prize by Dexeus at their annual meeting.

It is an impressive clinic dedicated to all aspects of women’s health from childhood, through adolescence, adulthood, menopause and ageing and their staff are amazing. Since the clinic was set up in 1979 some 20,000 babies have been born in the hospital using reproductive techniques.

It is fantastic to see how IVF is making a real difference to women’s lives around the world and creating families.  

Victoria Anna Perea the first IVF person born in Spain

Victoria Anna Perea the first IVF person born in Spain