Back in 2012 my Mum booked a holiday in Egypt to include me and my husband and my son Cameron.

Louise Brown Pyramids.jpg

The idea was that the family would spend some time at a family resort but that mum and I would take an excursion to see the pyramids and some of the ancient sights of Egypt. It was one of my mum’s ambitions in life.

Sadly, she was taken ill and died in June 2012 and we had to cancel the trip. A few weeks ago I thought of Mum as I stood by the Great Pyramid in Giza and looked at the treasures of Tutankhamun in the Egyptian Museum and I imagined her reaction to me realising her dream.

I was attending the Ain Shams Obstetrics and Gynaecology International Conference (ASOGIC) in Cairo where many aspects of women’s health were being discussed. It was the 23rd conference and I was proud to show photographs of my mother and talk about how IVF has changed the prospects for women with fertility problems. Ain Shams is a university with a training hospital attached.

There were so many talks on a wide variety of issues and a scientific programme that was way beyond my understanding but it was good to see that all the eminent professors and doctors were also focussed on patients and what their work means to them.

My mum may not have fulfilled her dream of seeing the pyramids. But she had a bigger dream – one to have children and see them live on after her. Thanks to the pioneers Bob Edwards and Patrick Steptoe she achieved that ambition.

It is important that progress continues to be made and that more and more people are helped. Conferences like ASOGIC where people can meet, share ideas and talk are vital to continuing the work of so many around the world.