My mum would never believe the way that IVF has taken off worldwide and the technology that is now being used in laboratories and IVF clinics around the world to help people with fertility problems.

This month I went to Japan for the first time since I was just eight months old when my parents visited Japan as part of a world tour. I was speaking to the ART Nurse Academy, where 400 nurses gathered to hear about IVF.

It was fantastic to visit a country that my parents had talked about so much. I was too young to remember our previous visit but now I have real memories of the Bullet Train and the kimonos that my parents always talked about.

While there I visited Hara Medical Centre in Tokyo and had a tour of the laboratories and saw how they were using the latest technology. The most surprising thing was to be greeted in reception by a cheery robot – something that didn’t exist in my parents time!

The staff there were fantastic and like so many other clinics I have visited were really proud of what they are able to achieve for their patients with 100 people a day receiving help from them.