When my Mum, Lesley Brown, gave birth to me in 1978 more than 400 letters poured in from all over the world to the hospital where I was born and where I spent the first 12 days of my life while they figured out how to get home past the world’s media.

The vast majority of them were from other women with fertility issues. Some told their own stories of how they wanted to get pregnant; some asking Mum if she could pass on their names to Robert Edwards and Patrick Steptoe to see if they might be able to have IVF.

 Most of all they wanted to reach out to someone else who had been through fertility issues; ask her advice and tell her about their own experiences.

Thankfully today through the internet women can find like-minded people and get the help, support and friendship they need in a much easier way.

The Pineapple Pin is a fantastic idea by website IVF Babble ( and I am really proud to be supporting the initiative and wear the pin. It helps women realise they are not alone on their fertility journey.

I hope lots of women wear their pin with pride and if you see someone with a pineapple pin tell them you noticed and start that conversation – you never know how much you might be helping someone.