Louise Brown, the first person in the world to be born through IVF, who once worked as an ASDA check-out operator, will be at the Bedminster store in Bristol on March 3 to mark World Book Day.

She will be signing copies of her book “My Life As The World’s First Test Tube Baby” which outlines the incredible impact her birth in 1978 had on the world with the world’s media descending on Bristol to see her arrive home with her parents.

Louise, who lives in Knowle, Bristol, was a check-out operator in ASDA Whitchurch, as was her mother, Lesley Brown.

She said: “I don’t think I ever thought when I was a check-out operator that one day I would be in ASDA signing copies of my life story. There has been a huge debate all my life about IVF and now it is an option for childless couples everywhere.

“When I was born the church, politicians, the medical profession and the media had opinions about whether it was a good or a bad thing. Now there are more than five million people in the world born this way and the book tells them something about their own history, how it all started and the impact on my family.”

Louise, who is now married and has two sons of her own born naturally still gets worldwide requests from the media every month, which are handled by her press agent Martin Powell, who wrote the book with her.

Both will be at ASDA from 10 am to 12.30 on March 3 to mark World Book Day, which is aimed at encouraging children to read.

Brenda Wright, Community Life Champion at ASDA Bedminster said: “I’m sure many people remember the news surrounding Louise’s birth and have followed her story with interest over the years. There are now so many children in the world thanks to IVF and we were keen to get a local author in to the store on World Book Day.”