For the first time Louise tells the story of her world-changing birth and its impact on her life.

“Her birth attracted controversy, with religious leaders expressing concern about the use of artificial intervention and some raising fears that science was creating “Frankenbabies”
— Felicity Thistlethwaite, Express

One sentence in particular resonated with me early on in the book:

”My birth seemed to bring out the worst in all the journalists. This was hardly a story that needed sensationalising.”

IVF-related stories are still being sensationalised some 37 years later, although now, it isn’t always the journalists who are solely to blame, and people working in the sector with a new product to launch or a book to sell must take some of the responsibility. The media’s antics around Louise’s birth made me worry for what may happen to the first family who undergo mitochondrial donation treatment
— Sarah Norcross, Bionews

“Louise Brown is effectively ground zero In Vitro Fertilisation.”
— Fertility Road

“The most famous baby in the world”
— Daily Mail

“Her birth made headlines around the globe as a turning point in human reproduction and gave new hope to countless infertile couples.”
— New York Times

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